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Samantha Egelhoff

Egelhoff, Samantha

Grade 5 Teacher
Kathryn Egolf

Egolf, Kathryn

1st Grade Teacher

Galbraith, Kole

Distinct Instructional Assistant

Gallo, Jamie

1st Grade Teacher
Sarah Gese

Gese, Sarah

Grade 3 Teacher

Gianfriddo, Heather

Occupational Therapist

Gibbons, Colima

School Nurse
Jillian Guillermo

Guillermo, Jillian

Grade 2 and 3 Teacher
Megan Haile

Haile, Megan

Kindergarten Teacher

Haile, Kim

Distinct Instructional Assistant

Hawkins, Danny

Family Support Worker, Homeless Program/McKinney Vento Program Building contact
Shari Howard-Powell

Howard-Powell, Shari

2nd Grade Teacher


I have taught grades K-3.
I currently teach 2nd grade Scholar students in my Advanced Learning classroom.

,Personal Message

Teaching is my passion and I love encouraging academic excellence from all children.
I have been teaching for over 22 years in Seattle Public Schools and I love educating young minds.

"Truly wonderful a mind of a child is"-Yoda

Huynh, Linna

Speech and Language Pathologist

Jama, Amal

Laurie Jensen

Jensen, Laurie

Grade 5 Teacher
Cheryl Kerfeld

Kerfeld, Cheryl

Physical Therapist
Lauren Laughlin

Laughlin, Lauren

Grade 4 Teacher

Levin, Zoe

Focus Teacher
Tana Leybold

Leybold, Tana

Admin Secretary
Ana Litton

Litton, Ana

Physical Education (PE) Teacher