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Shari Howard-Powell

Howard-Powell, Shari

Classroom Teacher


I have taught grades K-3.
I currently teach 2nd grade Scholar students in my Advanced Learning classroom.

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Teaching is my passion and I love encouraging academic excellence from all children.
I have been teaching for over 22 years in Seattle Public Schools and I love educating young minds.

"Truly wonderful a mind of a child is"-Yoda

Jeremiah Howard

Howard, Jeremiah

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Jama, Amal

Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Laurie Jensen

Jensen, Laurie

Classroom Teacher
Cheryl Kerfeld

Kerfeld, Cheryl

Physical Therapist
Lauren Laughlin

Laughlin, Lauren

Classroom Teacher

Lehman, Carol

Special Education Instructional Assistant
Diane Lesemann

Lesemann, Diane

Special Education Instructional Assistant

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Leybold, Tana

Administrative Secretary
Ana Litton

Litton, Ana

Physical Education (PE) Teacher
Robert Long

Long, Robert

Classroom Teacher
Marisa MacLennan

MacLennan, Marisa

Special Education - Focus
Melissa Matsui

Matsui, Melissa

School Counselor
Katherine May

May, Katherine

Aidan McIlhenny

McIlhenny, Aidan

Special Education - Resource
Alison Miller

Miller, Alison

Reading Specialist
Catherine Nagle

Nagle, Catherine

Special Education Assistant

Nalbandian, Melanie

Special Education Assistant 1:1 Specialist

Reddy, Caitlin

Classroom Teacher

Reed, Chloe

Classroom Teacher