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    We are a RULER school

    Strong, Kind, Calm, Free, Safe

    What is RULER?

    RULER is a research-based program created by Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER is used to help students, families, and educators build emotional capacity. RULER is an acronym used to remember the different aspects of emotional intelligence.

    RULER stands for:

    Recognizing emotions in self and others

    Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

    Labeling emotions accurately

    Expressing emotions appropriately

    Regulating emotions effectively

    Why do we use it at school?

    Research has shown many benefits of the RULER curriculum including:

    • Students using RULER have better academic performance
    • RULER increases emotional intelligence and social skills
    • Decreases anxiety and depression
    • Improves school climate
    • Students using RULER are less likely to bully other students
    • Students using RULER have better leadership skills and attention
    • Teachers have better relationships with students, less burnout, better relationships with administrators, and are more positive about teaching

    Learn more about RULER and how to use RULER tools at home with your child and family.