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    Websites and Apps to Develop Academic Skills


    This is a list of websites or Apps recommended for student use by staff at Thurgood Marshall.  As with any site, parents should check it out first to be sure you feel it is appropriate for your child.


    The Seattle School District offers an on-line student resources page with many links including Typing Agent, encyclopedia and thesaurus resources and many reading sites. You can access this from the SPS Home page student portal or here:



    Khan Academy Great for all ages. Students can learn independently and can watch videos in many subjects to get help for a concept they are stuck on.  Free.


    Yup Technologies Provides help in math, physics and chemistry. Appropriate for students 3rd grade and up.  Fee based.



    Coding Skills: Over 100 activities to teach people of all ages to learn to code. Available in 45 different languages. Free.















    Letter formation – Writing Wizard app: allows practice for tracing shapes, letters and numbers; can be set on different levels of difficulty; can also upload different vocabulary lists and create worksheets that you can print.


    Dexteria Junior-- This app this helps with visual-motor integration and fine motor control/accuracy; targeted towards pre-school/kindergarten level, but the tracing section is good for all levels of students.


    Visual Discrimination Things to Spot: this app is like a “find it” game, to help with visual discrimination:


    Early Literacy:

    Early Literacy--


    Early Literacy--





    Fact practice and games--


    Math mysteries that promote logic and reasoning:


    Math games and fact practice:

    Math Games:


    Math fact fluency practice:


    Math Games: